Celebrate sexy


Celebrate sexy

We live in a society that defines beauty by years, measurements and scales. Those definitions couldn’t be further from the truth. True beauty exists in variety and comes in different heights, weights, color, shapes and ages. YOU are true beauty. A boudoir portrait session is a celebration of beauty that each woman should experience at least once in her lifetime. It may be as a gift for someone special – or simply as a gift to yourself. 


Our sessions

From boudoir and pinup, to simple lifestyle sessions...
we have an option for every woman.

Our sessions

From boudoir and pinup, to simple lifestyle sessions...
we have an option for every woman.

Beautiful Boudoir

Boudoir is a French term that means 'bedroom'.  Images can be compared to what you might see in a Victoria's Secret catalog and can vary from soft, naturally lit images to dramatic color and shadow play. We tailor your shoot experience to your personality whether you want a Vogue-sophisticate or a Maxim-hot look. 

Pinup Perfect

We offer both cheesecake pinup and Hollywood noir photography. With cheesecake pinup, more props are used along with a solid color backdrop that coordinates with your outfit. Expressions and poses are very flirty and exaggerated. Hollywood noir has a softer vintage appearance and utilizes realistic scene backdrops that mimic the Old Hollywood photography days of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Gretta Garbo.

Lifestyle Editorial

Our lifestyle sessions are defined by simple, elegant images and are not necessarily defined by attire. Outfit ideas might be include a cocktail dress, jeans and a sweater, or a flowy sundress. Portraits are just as beautiful and alluring as a boudoir session, but with less skin showing and reflect more of a candid, in-the-moment living experience. This session is ideal for women not interested in boudoir or pinup, but would like a set of photos that she can share on social networking sites, or simply leave as a photographic legacy for her family.

Fine Art

Fine Art sessions are a collaboration between the client, the photographer and our hair/makeup artist to create a fantasy photo session using unique custom costumery and scenic backdrops. The final images might have the appearance of being other-worldly or as if the subject has stepped into a painting. These shoots require extensive planning with the photographer and the stylist working on the project. For this session, we would work with you to create a shoot where we design a costume for your size and shape, centered around your themed idea, or one we will develop for you. The editing process will be taken above and beyond to provide you with final pieces of art, worthy of wall hanging. 


Our Team

Did we mention...we LOVE our jobs!

Our Team

Did we mention...we LOVE our jobs!

I absolutely love my job! As a woman, I truly understand the need and desire to feel and look beautiful. Seeing an amazing photo of myself was the first time I realized that I was happy with the way I look — that I was beautiful. I want every woman to experience this feeling. There is a gift of gentle healing that takes place in a woman’s heart after she sees the evidence of her own beauty. I enjoy being the giver of this gift.
— Yvonne Denault

Yvonne Denault | Photographer

Yvonne is the first photographer in North Dakota, to offer an exclusive and modern approach to boudoir and pinup photography. Her style ranges from vintage-inspired “old Hollywood” to modern sophisticate.

Her boudoir photography is tasteful and offers a glimpse of a woman’s sensual, flirty side. She believes each woman is a gorgeous vision, and loves to reveal her unique beauty. She has worked behind the camera for more than fifteen years, in addition to having over twenty years of design experience which gives her an eye for composition.




Nadine Swee | Studio Manager & Event Coordinator

Nadine is our studio manager and assists with special shoots and manages all of our event, including Pinup on the Plains. She has worked with our team for six years. She is fun, upbeat and will put you at ease as an assistant at a photo session as she works alongside the photographers that day. As our studio manager, you will find Nadine attending and coordinating our bridal and women's events. Finding the right person who is creative and organized…while having great interpersonal skills was a tall order to fill. But Nadine does so with ease! Nadine lives in West Fargo with her husband and daughter. She is an avid bowler and an amazing graphic designer! Nadine is well versed in photography also, and photographs children and newborns in addition to working on our event team.

Our Hair & Makeup Team

We work with several stylists in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Our current stylist team consists of Cally Jo Frederickson, Shayla Kuzel and Kjirsten Hanson. Our stylists own and operate their own individual salon/spa businesses. Each stylist puts a great deal into training and education. And ALL of our stylist team members are required to be knowledgeable, and apply airbrush makeup artistry in studio. We are proud to work with the best artists and salons in the Fargo-Moorhead community. 


Expect fabulous

Trust the process...we are with you every step of the way!

Expect fabulous

Trust the process...we are with you every step of the way!

Booking Your Shoot | Meeting Your Photographer

Booking your shoot is done over the phone at 701.373.5770, or in person at any of our events. You will likely not be able to think of much else a few days before your scheduled session. At that point, you may go from feeling excited to feeling a little insecure and uncertain. This is perfectly natural – we want you to know that you will be delighted with the results. We will ensure that you are always comfortable before, during and after the shoot, and are respectful of your space when getting ready as well as during the shoot. When you arrive the day of your session, we will discuss your ideas and talk about what you are planning to wear and what your expectations for the shoot are.
**Pre-consults are available as an add-on service

Hair and Makeup Styling

We work with several very talented hair and makeup stylists. Each stylist who works with us is required to apply airbrushed makeup, which creates a flawless finish to your face. Hair and makeup styling includes the application of faux eyelashes which will enhance the eyes significantly. We strongly encourage adding hair and makeup for the additional $140 to achieve the photo finish results most women desire. If you book hair and makeup styling in our studio, please plan to arrive with no makeup on your face and your hair fully dried. DO NOT flat iron or curl your hair that day as this makes it difficult for our stylist to alter your hair that day.


DO NOT worry about looking sexy! Your photographer will show you how to pose and will direct your expressions with ease. We never expect our clients to act like professional models and will coach you every step of the way including demonstrations on the poses you are asked to do. Many of our clients compare it to attending a yoga class.  It will be an empowering experience you will never forget -- and we will look incredibly sexy!

Editing Process

Several angles of the same pose are taken to ensure there is a selection of photos to choose the best angle, lighting and expression. Following your shoot, all images will be refined for your personal photo viewing -- usually done in the same day as your shoot!

You will select the photos in your package at your personal photo viewing. Your selected images are then further edited through airbrushing techniques to minimize complexion imperfections (dark circles, blemishes, cellulite, scarring, etc.), enhance lighting, boost color, and to add further editing options such as vintage application. Very minimal contouring of the body shape is done in terms of making you look more shapely, thinner or enhanced. Our mission is to show you how beautiful you are as YOU and we frown upon using contour tools in Photoshop. 

Post-production can take 2-4 weeks depending upon how large your package option is. Please communicate your plans for the package and the resulting products so that timing of post-production can be taken into consideration.


prepare yourself

It's going to be amazing!

prepare yourself

It's going to be amazing!

When To Book

We want the entire experience of your portrait session to be one that you will look back on fondly and will never forget! We suggest that you book your shoot several months out to plan ahead for what you will wear, in addition to pampering such as freshening hair color or manicures before your shoot. Below we have detailed some things to consider when planning your shoot.

Booking A Consult

Each woman has her own vision of what she wants her boudoir portrait session to be. Our goal is to accommodate your vision by making recommendations for attire and poses. If you need greater assistance choosing outfits and planning prior to your shoot and would like to meet with the photographer one-on-one with a tour of the studio space, we highly recommend adding a consult to your package prior to your shoot. 

What To Wear

Planning your outfit selection is important, and at the same time should be fun to shop for. Choose something that covers you where you want to be covered and is flattering with your skin and hair color. We are happy to offer opinions or suggestions and often have clients call to discuss or email photos of the outfits they are considering.

One outfit option that is flattering on EVERY single figure is a chemise (a tight-fitting slip with or without a garter and stockings). We highly recommend this as an option if you are unsure and want a no-nonsense shopping option. Other ideas to consider:

  • bra and panty set / corset / teddy / slip / chemise
  • boy shorts / jeans / tank top / flannel pj's / sports team jersey
  • men’s shirt / men’s tie
  • cocktail dress / evening gown
  • vintage pin-up costume / crinoline petticoat
  • accessories such as jewelry / scarves / hats / high heel shoes / veils / stockings

We do not provide outfits for your shoot, unless that has been prearranged as part of a fine art package. It is recommended that you bring a nice black bra and matching panty with you as we do sometimes layer a bra underneath another garment to add better support. You may want to consider bringing more outfit options with you than what are in your shoot package. Do not forget shoes, jewelry and your wedding ring if you are married.


Lingerie and Pinup Resources

We are so happy and fortunate to offer a boutique in Fargo-Moorhead with lingerie and Pinup dress options ranging from sizes XS - 3X. Stop by Vivie's at 716 Main Avenue - Fargo, ND.  For other local shopping, try outlets such as Victoria’s Secret, Lane Bryant, and department stores such as JCPenney or Macy's. For unique online vintage and pin-up designs, please visit the following websites:

$ ($10-50)
$$ ($35-$150)
$$$ ($50-$500)

Pinup & Vintage $$ $$$ $$ $$$ $$$

Corsets & Modern Lingerie $$$ $$ $ $$ $$$

Other Preparations

To have the best photographs possible with the least amount of retouching required, please ensure you do the following prior to your shoot. In short, plan as though you are getting ready for your wedding day:

  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before your shoot
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid salty and greasy foods the day before/day of your shoot
  • Shave / wax your underarms, legs and bikini area
  • Pluck / wax your eyebrows and upper lip
  • Manicure / Pedicure / Press-on Nails
  • Freshen your hair color (if this is what you normally do)
  • Tan / Spray Tan (do not overdue and be sure to go nude or wear a thong for the tanning process) 
  • Wear something loose to the studio the day of your shoot so few lines are left on your skin (avoid tight socks/jeans)
  • Pinterest Board Ideas
  • Moisturize your skin the day of the shoot, including your hands and decolette area.

Following your shoot, expect to be a little sore as if you have had a rigorous workout. Many of the poses can feel somewhat like doing yoga, so we have been told. Modeling is hard work! Having a great boudoir portrait session is a partnership between you and your photographer. Planning what you will wear and your hair/makeup prior to the shoot, will give you the results you are dreaming of!


Our policy

We take our work seriously.

Our policy

We take our work seriously.

Our photography is respectful and tasteful. We desire to achieve a reputation for our work and process that is second to none! As such, we need to have certain policies in place to ensure clients have a consistent, fabulous experience; and to ensure our booking calendar remains full and that clients show up for their scheduled sessions.

Please review the details below and feel free to email us at or call 701.373.5770if you have questions. Thank you for respecting our policies.


Photoshoot Policies

  • We do not photograph exploitive nude portraits or poses that cross the line of being pornographic. They do not reflect our work.
  • Editing is limited to airbrushing, color enhancement and sharpening. Recontouring the body is not provided as a service. Facial blemishes, dark circles, cellulite, bruises and lines will be airbrushed away. 
  • All clients must be 19 years of age or older AND out of high school. We will request an ID if I have cause to question age. We provide senior photography services and do not wish to make parents or clients feel they cannot trust their teens in our capable hands.
  • We do not photograph men in boudoir style. No exceptions. 
  • Please leave your significant other, best friend and/or children at home. This is a day of pampering and fun just for you! If you have scheduled a shoot with a friend, we will consult with you on expectations.
  • Please plan to make payment immediately following your shoot. Photography will not be released until payment is made in full by cash, check or Visa / Mastercard. Please inquire about our three month payment plan as an additional option.
  • We love to share photos at our events, on our website, blog and Facebook pages. We give each client the opportunity to allow us to share their photos. You must sign a model release form to do so. As a thank you, we provide each client with two additional images in their package. We do not share photos of any of our clients without their written permission.

Scheduling and Payment Policies

To reserve your shoot, you must pay a 50% non-refundable retainer toward your shoot package with a credit/debit card. Consultation over the phone is required. Please call 701.373.5770 to schedule a shoot or to provide a credit/debit card number. NEVER email credit/debit card information.

Because of the nature of our services, we are unable to fill appointments without a one week notice of cancellation or rescheduling. Therefore, we do enforce a strict cancellation and no-show policy and ask that our clients respect our commitment to scheduling the day especially for you. Please read our policy below. If you are booking a shoot, you will be reminded of these policies upon booking.

  • Your initial retainer is non-refundable
  • For cancellations and rescheduling requests occurring within 7 days of a scheduled appointment, remaining 50% of the package will be billed to the provided credit/debit card. When rescheduling, a new retainer will be required.
  • Gift certificates, promotions and discounts are void when an appointment time is canceled. Promotions are void if rescheduled outside of promotion requirements. Gift certificates are subject to the same policies for rescheduling as we have noted above.
  • We will accommodate movement of reservation dates when possible. In rare instances such as weather-related, illness or emergency situations, our staff may need to reschedule your appointment. In the case of illness or emergency where we need to reschedule (within 7 days of your shoot), we will reward your cooperation in moving your appointment with a discount or additional photos applied to your package.
  • The remaining balance is due the day of your shoot. We have payment plans of three months with no interest available with a credit card. All packages must be paid in full prior to releasing images/products to a client. Please inquire for further details.
  • If a shoot is rescheduled a third time or more, we may request a full payment toward your shoot package to ensure the appointment is honored.
  • We reserve the right to refuse business or photo requests.