Beautiful Boudoir

Boudoir is a French term that means 'bedroom'.  Images can be compared to what you might see in a Victoria's Secret catalog and can vary from soft, naturally lit images to dramatic color and shadow play. We tailor your shoot experience to your personality whether you want a Vogue-sophisticate or a Maxim-hot look. 

Pinup Perfect

We offer both cheesecake pinup and Hollywood noir photography. With cheesecake pinup, more props are used along with a solid color backdrop that coordinates with your outfit. Expressions and poses are very flirty and exaggerated. Hollywood noir has a softer vintage appearance and utilizes realistic scene backdrops that mimic the Old Hollywood photography days of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Gretta Garbo.

Lifestyle Editorial

Our lifestyle sessions are defined by simple, elegant images and are not necessarily defined by attire. Outfit ideas might be include a cocktail dress, jeans and a sweater, or a flowy sundress. Portraits are just as beautiful and alluring as a boudoir session, but with less skin showing and reflect more of a candid, in-the-moment living experience. This session is ideal for women not interested in boudoir or pinup, but would like a set of photos that she can share on social networking sites, or simply leave as a photographic legacy for her family.

Fine Art

Fine Art sessions are a collaboration between the client, the photographer and our hair/makeup artist to create a fantasy photo session using unique custom costumery and scenic backdrops. The final images might have the appearance of being other-worldly or as if the subject has stepped into a painting. These shoots require extensive planning with the photographer and the stylist working on the project. For this session, we would work with you to create a shoot where we design a costume for your size and shape, centered around your themed idea, or one we will develop for you. The editing process will be taken above and beyond to provide you with final pieces of art, worthy of wall hanging.