When To Book

We want the entire experience of your portrait session to be one that you will look back on fondly and will never forget! We suggest that you book your shoot several months out to plan ahead for what you will wear, in addition to pampering such as freshening hair color or manicures before your shoot. Below we have detailed some things to consider when planning your shoot.

Booking A Consult

Each woman has her own vision of what she wants her boudoir portrait session to be. Our goal is to accommodate your vision by making recommendations for attire and poses. If you need greater assistance choosing outfits and planning prior to your shoot and would like to meet with the photographer one-on-one with a tour of the studio space, we highly recommend adding a consult to your package prior to your shoot. 

What To Wear

Planning your outfit selection is important, and at the same time should be fun to shop for. Choose something that covers you where you want to be covered and is flattering with your skin and hair color. We are happy to offer opinions or suggestions and often have clients call to discuss or email photos of the outfits they are considering.

One outfit option that is flattering on EVERY single figure is a chemise (a tight-fitting slip with or without a garter and stockings). We highly recommend this as an option if you are unsure and want a no-nonsense shopping option. Other ideas to consider:

  • bra and panty set / corset / teddy / slip / chemise
  • boy shorts / jeans / tank top / flannel pj's / sports team jersey
  • men’s shirt / men’s tie
  • cocktail dress / evening gown
  • vintage pin-up costume / crinoline petticoat
  • accessories such as jewelry / scarves / hats / high heel shoes / veils / stockings

We do not provide outfits for your shoot, unless that has been prearranged as part of a fine art package. It is recommended that you bring a nice black bra and matching panty with you as we do sometimes layer a bra underneath another garment to add better support. You may want to consider bringing more outfit options with you than what are in your shoot package. Do not forget shoes, jewelry and your wedding ring if you are married.


Lingerie and Pinup Resources

We are so happy and fortunate to offer a boutique in Fargo-Moorhead with lingerie and Pinup dress options ranging from sizes XS - 3X. Stop by Vivie's at 716 Main Avenue - Fargo, ND.  For other local shopping, try outlets such as Victoria’s Secret, Lane Bryant, and department stores such as JCPenney or Macy's. For unique online vintage and pin-up designs, please visit the following websites:

$ ($10-50)
$$ ($35-$150)
$$$ ($50-$500)

Pinup & Vintage
www.pinupgirlclothing.com $$
www.poshgirlvintage.com $$$
www.modcloth.com $$
www.dollhousebettie.com $$$
www.unique-vintage.com $$$

Corsets & Modern Lingerie
www.corsetconnection.com $$$
www.hipsandcurves.com $$
www.yandy.com $
www.fredericks.com $$
www.victoriassecret.com $$$

Other Preparations

To have the best photographs possible with the least amount of retouching required, please ensure you do the following prior to your shoot. In short, plan as though you are getting ready for your wedding day:

  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before your shoot
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid salty and greasy foods the day before/day of your shoot
  • Shave / wax your underarms, legs and bikini area
  • Pluck / wax your eyebrows and upper lip
  • Manicure / Pedicure / Press-on Nails
  • Freshen your hair color (if this is what you normally do)
  • Tan / Spray Tan (do not overdue and be sure to go nude or wear a thong for the tanning process) 
  • Wear something loose to the studio the day of your shoot so few lines are left on your skin (avoid tight socks/jeans)
  • Pinterest Board Ideas
  • Moisturize your skin the day of the shoot, including your hands and decolette area.

Following your shoot, expect to be a little sore as if you have had a rigorous workout. Many of the poses can feel somewhat like doing yoga, so we have been told. Modeling is hard work! Having a great boudoir portrait session is a partnership between you and your photographer. Planning what you will wear and your hair/makeup prior to the shoot, will give you the results you are dreaming of!