Booking Your Shoot | Meeting Your Photographer

Booking your shoot is done over the phone at 701.373.5770, or in person at any of our events. You will likely not be able to think of much else a few days before your scheduled session. At that point, you may go from feeling excited to feeling a little insecure and uncertain. This is perfectly natural – we want you to know that you will be delighted with the results. We will ensure that you are always comfortable before, during and after the shoot, and are respectful of your space when getting ready as well as during the shoot. When you arrive the day of your session, we will discuss your ideas and talk about what you are planning to wear and what your expectations for the shoot are.
**Pre-consults are available as an add-on service

Hair and Makeup Styling

We work with several very talented hair and makeup stylists. Each stylist who works with us is required to apply airbrushed makeup, which creates a flawless finish to your face. Hair and makeup styling includes the application of faux eyelashes which will enhance the eyes significantly. We strongly encourage adding hair and makeup for the additional $140 to achieve the photo finish results most women desire. If you book hair and makeup styling in our studio, please plan to arrive with no makeup on your face and your hair fully dried. DO NOT flat iron or curl your hair that day as this makes it difficult for our stylist to alter your hair that day.


DO NOT worry about looking sexy! Your photographer will show you how to pose and will direct your expressions with ease. We never expect our clients to act like professional models and will coach you every step of the way including demonstrations on the poses you are asked to do. Many of our clients compare it to attending a yoga class.  It will be an empowering experience you will never forget -- and we will look incredibly sexy!

Editing Process

Several angles of the same pose are taken to ensure there is a selection of photos to choose the best angle, lighting and expression. Following your shoot, all images will be refined for your personal photo viewing -- usually done in the same day as your shoot!

You will select the photos in your package at your personal photo viewing. Your selected images are then further edited through airbrushing techniques to minimize complexion imperfections (dark circles, blemishes, cellulite, scarring, etc.), enhance lighting, boost color, and to add further editing options such as vintage application. Very minimal contouring of the body shape is done in terms of making you look more shapely, thinner or enhanced. Our mission is to show you how beautiful you are as YOU and we frown upon using contour tools in Photoshop. 

Post-production can take 2-4 weeks depending upon how large your package option is. Please communicate your plans for the package and the resulting products so that timing of post-production can be taken into consideration.